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  • {FREE printable} Star Wars Valentine's

    If you've been around here a while, I'm sure you've picked up my little guy is obsessed with Star Wars.  You've also probably picked up that I am extreme procrastinator.  Anyway back to Nix... 

    Like legit obsessed.  

    I know nothing of Star Wars so it's an educational experience for us both.  He watches the old school movies with my mom and has about 3 billion Legos precisely placed in stepping range when barefoot.  It's fun like that.

    I brought home a few examples of cute printable valentine's for him to pick but I knew he would go for the Star Wars.  These were so easy and he totally loves them!

    I simply poked a small hole through the hand and put a glow stick through it.  A pseudo light saber if you will... How cute right?!

    Download the FREE Printable below and enjoy!

    Star Wars Valentines.pdf